There are some relationships that are hard to handle. Imagine, two different minds, two different hearts, two different lives are trying to be one. Of course, there are challenges and struggles that may happen in between hence as a strong individual having a strong love and faith to their loved one will do their best to make their relationship fun and easy. To help you find ease and fun in the relationship, doing the following is highly advised.

How To Make The Relationship Fun And Easy
There are many ways to make a relationship fun and easy, and to name some of them, read below:
• Let him do what he wants and support his aspirations
Respect his individuality and let him do what he wants to do. Unless it will do your relationship harm, there is no reason of stopping him from doing so. Let him do what can make him happy, sure, you want to be part of all his happiness, but there are times that stepping back is necessary.
Also, be the last person to stand by his side to support his aspirations and dreams in life. If everyone else stays away, be there and show him that you are with him while he is achieving his dreams.
• Give him some time alone
Yes, giving him some time alone, with his family and friends is a good idea. This is a good way to make him feel that he is still free to be with his friends and be alone. If these things can make him feel happy and relaxed, by all means, give it to him. You would not want to be the person to whom he will give his stress and crankiness, let him distress on his own.
If after all this he is still losing his interest on you, send her text chemistry.